CHRISTINA Сlinical представляет собой основанный на новейших технологиях и инновационных ингредиентах оптимальный домашний уход, предназначенный для подготовки к процедурам, реабилитации после них, а также усиления и пролонгации полученного результата.
Cosmetic products by Christina Company can effectively solve certain aesthetic skin problems:
Aptos is recognized as the most advanced and less invasive aesthetic correction method.
Pluryal from the company MD Skin Solutions (Luxembourg) - is the latest generation of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers Pluryal meet all European standards, the products are certified in accordance with ISO 13485, which guarantees the efficacy, safety and resistance results.
Pluryal from Meso company MD Skin Solutions - This is reheneratyvnaya mesotherapy. The purpose of mesotherapy in recovery synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
Depileve is the world’s number 1 in professional waxing systems available
Graftobian HD Make-up
Graftobian High Definition Cosmetics is the leading brand in today’s TV, Film and Print Media world.
ANESI (Spain) is a range of effective programs for comprehensive face skin care and body shaping.
HYAcorp Fine
HYAcorp Fine (Germany) is a last-generation biorevitalizer created using native hyaluronic acid.
Alexandria Professional (USA) is the developer of sugar waxing method of hair removal (“sugaring”).
MEI-CHA International
American company Mei-Cha International is a recognized leader in the industry of micro pigmentation.
3D - Lashes
The product range of 3D Beauty International is represented by diverse products for professional eyelash extension.