Christinа Company: foundations of leadership

The history of Christina Company is thirty years of continuous work in the beauty industry, willingness to bold experiments and innovation, advanced technology and gradual improvement of traditional technologies, development of products aimed at addressing both internal and external causes of cosmetic problems. Christina Company works on new standards of skin care creating highly efficient, modern and safe cosmetic procedures.

Christina Company was founded in 1982 by Christina M. Zehavi, a professional beautician, who set out to improve the quality and efficiency of cosmetic procedures. Starting as a family business, the company has gained international recognition, which according to Mrs. Christina is the merit of her son, Tomer Zehavi, who expanded the family business. Being an international manufacturer with its own factory and research laboratory, relying upon recent innovations and their own experience, the company continues to actively develop new lines of cosmetics that gently heal, protect and regenerate skin.

Professional approach to beauty

Today the product line of Christina Company counts 309 titles successfully used by professional cosmetologists all over the world, and the unique series of homecare products contributing to preservation of youth and beauty. Christina M. Zehavi has developed her own philosophy of beauty. She has been practicing cosmetology for 40 years, providing training for cosmetologists, participating in conferences and conducting master classes.

The research and development department of Christina Company develops specialized cosmetic products in collaboration with a group of scientists, based on the research of leading institutions. Up to 20,000 products per day are manufactured at the high-end factory, owned by the company. Constant search for new active ingredients, strict quality control and continuous improvement enable the development of advanced methods for effective, science-based and completely safe skin care. All cosmetic products are subject to thorough research and multiple tests, confirming their compliance with GMP and ISO. In addition to testing in the laboratory, each product is tested in private use by Christina herself.

Christinа cosmetics: quality guarantee

The range of products by Christina includes cosmetic preparations for different skin layers, eliminating the causes and symptoms of a particular aesthetic problem. Professional cosmetic products are complemented by preparations for at home use, which contributes to the achievement of rapid and safe results in the treatment of acne and post acne, skin rejuvenation, aging prevention, hyper-pigmentation correction.

Cosmetic products by Christina Company can effectively solve certain aesthetic skin problems:

MusePeelosophyBiophytoComodexFluorOxygenForever YoungRose de MerSilkUnstressWishSun ScreenДругое

  • Muse – new! Skin defenses strengthening and improvement of skin resilience.
  • Bio Phyto – problem skin treatment
  • Comodex – oily and combination skin care
  • FluorOxygen + C – sun damage and hyperpigmentation correction
  • Forever Young – comprehensive anti-aging
  • Peelosophy – peeling cosmetics
  • Fresh – cosmetics for skin cleansing
  • Rose de Mer – 100% natural vegetable peeling cosmetics
  • Silk – silk line for skin lifting
  • SunScreen – sunscreen products
  • Unstress – natural defying treatment for stressed skin
  • Wish – “Anti-Age” for mature skin (40+)