3D - Lashes


Impressive beauty by 3D-Lashes 

3D-Lashes brand was created by the American company 3D Beauty International in 2004 and offered professionals Perfect Bonding System - an innovative technology of eyelash extension. Today, 3D-Lashes are much-in-demand in many countries: the USA, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Ukraine. The company is the regular participant of major exhibitions in beauty industry; it constantly develops and carries out trainings on eyelash extension.

The product range of 3D Beauty International is represented by diverse products for professional eyelash extension: various types of faux eyelashes in 7 different colors, expendable materials, adhesives, tools and accessories guaranteeing the quality of extension process, as well as materials for trainings and practical workshops. Besides, the company has developed a line of products for eyelash perm.

3D-Lashes look perfectly natural; they are extraordinarily lightweight and soft and thus eliminate any discomfort to the eye and produce the effect of natural lashes. They are resistant to water, sun, tears and sweat and are not brittle. You can exercise, swim, take shower and sleep – the lashes retain their original appearance, size and beautiful curve for 2 months.

3D-Lashes — the technology of perfection 

While traditional faux eyelashes are glued directly to the eyelid skin and can cause discomfort, 3D-Lashes use an innovative technology – Perfect Bonding System, which prevents from soreness and severity, loss of natural lashes or injury to the delicate skin of the eyelid through the cured adhesive.

Eyelash extension with 3D-Lashes is a very relaxing, comfortable and safe procedure. Unlike other products for eyelash extension, 3D-Lashes and adhesive are absolutely harmless to natural lashes. The adhesive used in the process is hypoallergenic and of very high quality. The substances contained in 3D-Lashes perms are packed in sealed disposable packaging. This ensures the highest quality of product, optimum concentration of all the elements and excellent effect of the extension procedure.

During the extension procedure each faux eyelash is glued directly to natural lashes. The eyelashes are made of special synthetic micro-polyether yarns which are identical to natural human hair, and the special formula of the adhesive retains flexibility and elasticity due to polypeptide bonds. This ensures absolute naturalness and beauty and makes your eyes look deep and expressive. The extension procedure requires accuracy and thorough knowledge of the technology, so special attention is paid to training of top class experts.