Comfortable epilation by Alexandria Professional

Alexandria Professional (USA) is the developer of sugar waxing method of hair removal (“sugaring”), which was established in 1989 in response to the rapidly increasing demand of the market in the provision of quality services and comfortable removal of unwanted hair on face and body. With the development of the company the technology was improved, studies were conducted, procedures algorithms were perfected. Over the past 20 years, sugaring by Alexandria Professional gained popularity among the state-of-art beauty salons and SPA salons as a highly secure, soft and comfortable method of hair removal.

Unique products for sugar waxing do not only effectively remove hair, but also improve the appearance and condition of the skin. Unsurpassed technology by Alexandria Professional removes hair in its natural direction of growth and captures even the smallest hairs in the initial growth stage. This minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs, does not cause irritation and redness. The result is smooth and beautiful skin and comfortable sensations during the procedure and afterwards.

The company has developed sugar paste and unique technology that meets the needs of professionals around the world.

Advantages of sugaring:

  • Sugaring is the most painless waxing method, so it can be used for sensitive skin;
  • Sugaring gently removes hair of any length, even 1-2 days after shaving;
  • Along with perfect smoothness, it provides extra gentle skin care. Sugar paste removes the upper keratoderma, acting similar to mild peeling, so the skin becomes soft and rejuvenated;
  • Prevention of ingrown hair. Removal of sugar paste in the direction of hair growth excludes the probability of occurrence of ingrown hairs;
  • Sugar paste is pre-heated to body temperature and therefore burns and vasodilatation during treatment are excluded. Sugaring is safe even for varicose veins.
  • Sugar paste is made of natural ingredients, so sugaring does not cause allergic reactions and skin irritation, while providing the removal of the smallest hairs;
  • The remains of sugar at the end of the procedure are very easily removed with water.