ANESI: progressive methods of body shaping

ANESI (Spain) is a range of effective programs for comprehensive face skin care and body shaping. These programs were developed by PHYTOLAB laboratory specialists, their unique effectiveness is proven in practice by professional beauticians in many countries all over the world, and their homecare products consolidate the results of salon procedures.

The whole cosmetic line is based on complex biotechnological, botanical extracts and specific oils effectively interacting with each other and providing optimal result. The comprehensive care of ANESI is well-known as a list of unique programs for various clients of beauty salons and SPA salons, which guarantee perfection of skin of any type.

Professionals of the beauty industry have proven the effectiveness of TM ANESI products in practice. The main advantage of these products is that each of them is focused on individual approach to a particular problem. Active ingredients help improve the skin condition of any type, are effective against cellulite, swelling and fatty deposits, cope with weak circulation of blood, which affects the structure of tissues and the process of skin nutrition.

Elegance, harmony and complex care

ANESI cosmetic line has been developed on the basis of the latest biotech facilities, plant oils and extracts, complementing and reinforcing each other’s action. The composition of various modeling and toning creams, massage oils, peels, serums and lotions include collagen and elastin, thermally active components that provide fat burning and reduction of body volume, and also remove excess fluid.

All series have strong positive effect over common skin condition. Isotonic series, which includes a variety of creams, lotions, cleansers, serums and masks, is close to blood serum in its composition, so besides body shaping it ensures skin recovery and health boost. Moisturizing is achieved due to Hydroxan CP, plant extracts, and concentrated sea water; skin nutrition is performed due to use of oils of corn, soy, sesame; purification is performed due to ginseng, licorice and soapwort.

Lipo-reducing effect stimulates metabolism of fat cells, reduces external evidence of cellulite, and improves skin appearance and texture. The unique formulas of cosmetics for body shaping include carefully selected ingredients that tone and renew tissue elasticity, prevent stretch marks, increase elasticity and regenerative capacity of skin.