Aptos – innovative efficiency

Today, Aptos is recognized as the most advanced and less invasive aesthetic correction method, which combines the capabilities of plastic surgery and cosmetology.

The method consists in the use of special threads implanted subcutaneously using a special no-scalpel technology. Such minimal intervention in tissues eliminates scars and does not require a long rehabilitation period.

Minimally invasive correction by Aptos has gained perfect reputation in aesthetic medicine, for over 15 years it has been successfully applied by specialists in 48 countries around the world, and has been marked by prestigious international awards. Non-surgical correction by Aptos is considered a great alternative to traditional methods of surgery.

Aptos threads are officially registered in Ukraine (Certificate of State Registration No. 10143/2010 as of 24.12.2010).

Careful treatment and high performance

Aptos methods combine the benefits of plastic surgery and cosmetology being efficient, safe, providing almost immediate predictable results.

At the same time these methods are quite simple and can be used both by plastic surgeons and cosmetologists in the outpatient setting. Aptos threads are implanted through pinholes in the soft tissues and form a kind of frame, designed to support the problem area. In order to eliminate the possibility of injury to the nerves and major blood vessels, implantation takes place in surface layers – no more than three to five millimeters deep in the tissue. This is essential for the correction of facial tissues: the delicate method ensures preservation of natural facial expressions.

Another advantage of the method is the short duration of the procedure. Lifting of certain areas takes less than 15 minutes, and lifting of the entire face - about half an hour. The result is visible at the day of the procedure, and full effect becomes visible after two to three weeks and subsequently persists from 2 to 5 years.

Due to the opportunities of non-surgical correction by Aptos, experts successfully solve a variety of aesthetic problems in both female and male patients. In addition, due to the minimum trauma nature of the method it can be recommended for people who for some reason can not use traditional plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Advanced technology: Aptos threads

In addition to unique methods, Aptos also offers specially designed products for their implementation: thread of special structure. There are multidirectional micro-notches along the length of the thread that secure the thread in the soft tissues and keep it in position.

Depending on the correction area, age and client’s wishes, non-absorbable (surgical) threads can be used, which are made of polypropylene - synthetic suture material actively used in surgery for more than 50 years. It is safe, not rejected by the body and does not cause allergies.

Non-surgical correction can also use absorbable sutures of caprolactam, which is completely eliminated from the body within 360 days. The threads contain L-lactic acid stimulating the activity of natural processes of cell renewal and providing additional anti-aging effect. Acid synthesizes collagen frame, slowing down skin aging.

It is also important that over time the result of the procedure is improved. Gradually exuding from the thread, L-lactic acid activates revitalization of skin and soft tissues. This process continues throughout a year.

Several general recommendations have been developed on the basis of practical experience as to selection of a particular product. Up to the age of 40 both absorbable and surgical Aptos threads are recommended for use, at the age of 40 to 50 surgical threads are the best option, after the age of 50 – methods using small cuts of up to 0.5 mm are the most effective.