Graftobian HD Make-up


Hollywood beauty standards by Graftobian HD Make-up

Graftobian High Definition Cosmetics is the leading brand in today’s TV, Film and Print Media world. Founded in 1978 in Madison, the United States, by the Coffman family, today the company is represented in 65 countries. This is the best professional makeup line amounting to about 1,700 products successfully used by top-end makeup artists in Europe and America, the Emmy Awards winners and famous Hollywood makeup artists, such as Suzanne Paterson, Mary Erickson and Brad Look.

The benefits of the Hollywood brand have been truly appreciated by the beauty industry professionals around the world. Affordability, multifunctional application and rich palette of Graftobian HD Make-up make the working process of makeup artist comfortable and inspired, allowing for creation of the most daring and vivid images. Perfect match of shades – to the turn of a hair, the special HD technology providing for supreme naturalness and creating the effect of “no make-up” make-up, perfect covering and extra-light texture produce the image of natural and harmonious beauty. With Graftobian HD Make-up professional makeup turns into the best way to accentuate the natural beauty of the face, and the work of the professional makeup artists turns into a genuine art.

Graftobian HD Make-up – perfection in details

Graftobian HD Make-UP is a brand created within stringent requirements of perfect beauty and naturalness dictated by the standards of a modern beauty industry. HD technology (High Definition) is a special digital format of superior image quality with improved resolution, detailed to the extent, it makes visible the slightest skin imperfections. The unique properties of Graftobian HD Make-up cosmetics allow modern make-up artists working in beauty salons, at shows, on television, in fashion and in movie-making industry to easily observe the principles of harmonious beauty and naturalness.

Graftobian HD Make-up perfectly matches the demands of professionals. It is absolutely safe, hypoallergenic, contains no lead, formaldehyde or fragrances. Ultra-thin fine silky texture of premium components allows you to create perfect make-up that looks natural both at digital shooting and in daylight. Light-reflecting components of Graftobian HD Make-up cosmetics make facial skin perfectly smooth and matte. Unique natural ingredients combined with unmatched palettes make it a versatile tool to express any creative idea or fantasy.

Perfection and beauty with Graftobian HD Make-up is not just a perfect and artistically applied makeup, but the bright personality accented with high-class cosmetics. HD-technology provides the ultimate naturalness, thanks to which the glare of spotlights, the picky camera lens and the loving look only capture flawless beauty of the face – no make-up!