MEI-CHA International


The art of permanent beauty by Mei-Cha

American company Mei-Cha International is a recognized leader in the industry of micro pigmentation. It produces first-class equipment and high quality accessories for permanent make-up focused on the demands of professionals.

Mei-Cha International products make the services of permanent make-up artists more comfortable and excellent. Innovative developments in the field of equipment manufacturing are inextricably linked to current research in the field of health and hygiene. The company produces digital equipment, new pigments and tools for micro-pigmentation, as well as a variety of educational materials and books.

The equipment has high capacity and at the same time features easy operation and high performance. Lightweight, compact, quiet as they are, Mei-Cha International machines for micro-pigmentation make the work of professionals high-quality, effective and genuinely creative. 

Mei-Cha: high standards of health and safety

The introduction of the first digital rotary machine confirmed the high status of Mei-Cha International as the company committed to the safest and most effective procedures for micro-pigmentation. With the growth of the industry, more attention is paid to the development of effective health protection of clients and experts.

Mei-Cha International offers sterile disposable accessories that guarantee compliance with hygiene standards. Growing needs of the beauty industry related to comfort of experts and improvement of the quality of services provided are the foundation of the company.

Mei-Cha International is the holder of many innovation patents and awards, confirming achievements in the industry of micro-pigmentation. In 2002, the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals initiated awarding a prestigious title of the “Leader of the Industry” to Mei-Cha International for their successful research activities, development of devices and accessories for sterile micro-pigmentation, which laid the standards of hygiene and safety.